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There have been several new features added to the main 3924 screen. These include: Max Information Line Load, Brand and Manufacturer searches.  Directions for these new features begin on page 2 and go through page 5 of the revised users manual. 


Also, we have received lots of questions about items not appearing either on the system or website for a customer to purchase. If the item does not appear, it could be a license issue or a branch issue.  In these cases, please consult the 3924 screen.  Currently, if this customer cannot purchase the item, it will not appear on the search screen if the customer# and item# are entered on the search criteria. You can manually change the BRANCH field, in upper Left hand corner, to see if this is a branch specific product (the branch change would allow item to appear on the search screen). If the item still does not appear, then it would be a customer licensing issue. FUTURE 3924 RELEASE: In our future release, there will be a displayed message to explain if the item is a branch specific product or if special customer licensing is required.  When this option becomes available, we will send out the revised document giving specific details.


We value your feedback on our new user manuals. We are working on other manuals and will send them out as they become available.  Please keep your valuable comments coming. Have a great week.




Belinda Richnow

Jr Programmer/EDI

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