Shoretel Phone System 101


Here are a few tips and tricks for new Shoretel Phone System users.


For Shoretel phone users with PC's 

Be sure to record your outgoing message and name announcement! Here is how:

Right-click the orange swirl and go to Options, then click Voicemail. Cllick the "Record Name" button to record your announced name.

There are five different call handling modes in the Shorete Communicator software. (Standard, In a Meeting, Out of Office, Extended Absence, and Custom)

Click on each of the individual call handling modes you wish to use and click the Record Greeting button to record your outgoing message. (It is also a good idea to first verify the previous user had a recorded message for any of the modes and if so record your own messages for the call handling modes you plan to use, and delete the message for any you do not plan to use.


All users will find the attached IP230 user manual useful.

Shoretel Communicator  users are encouraged to use the online help (right click the orange swirl and then click Help) to read about all the features available in Call Manager and how to configure each one.


For Shoretel phone users without PC's: 

 Your voicemail password is 1234. You should be prompted to create a new one.

Be sure to re-record your vm message and name announcement. Change your announced name by clicking Voicemail on the phone, choose 7, then 6 and follow the prompts.

You must record an outgoing message for each of the five call handling modes.

Change to one of the call handling modes. (Press Mode, then 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Check to see if the previous user had a message, then record the outgoing message for the call handling  modes you plan to use.  (Press Voice Mail, 7, 1 - follow the prompts) 

More information can be found here:

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How to use your phone:


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How to program the buttons on your phone:

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